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What inspires you? Words, music, flowers, emotions?
I am inspired by nature, by human connection, by language even. I’m honoured to be featured on Katie’s blog with an *interview* about my photography style, my vision and the challenges of running an Etsy Shop. I really opened my heart about why I wanted to go into business with my photography.
Was inspiriert dich? Sind es Worte, Musik, Blumen oder Emotionen?
Meine Inspiration ist die Natur, die Beziehung zwischen Menschen, oft auch Sprache. Ich freue mich sehr, auf Katie’s Blog mit einem *Interview* über meinen Foto-Stil, meine Vision und die Herausforderungen eines Online Shops vertreten zu sein. Ich habe mal richtig mein Herz ausgeschüttet.

norway. fotografie kristina koehler
Do check it out and let me know what you think!
Schau mal rein und teile deine Gedanken dazu!

4 Kommentare zu „inspired | inspiriert

  1. What inspires me? Well, let’s see.

    I get inspiration out from the ordinary. Items and elements, I see every day where my mind plays this mean trick of ‚what would happen if‘.

    Inspiration strikes me whenever I try to extend my expectations of what beauty might be.

    I also get inspiration from friends and family. Talking to them about everyday stuff, talking to them what they think is beautiful.

    Reading from others also helps. Fiction and Non-fiction literature are a great source of inspiration and they are mostly easy to access, I find.

    From my point of view, the world is full of inspiration. It’s only a matter to be open minded enough to pick it up.

  2. „…vivid and comforting, unique and simplistic. Her photos have a nostalgic and magical feeling to them. They make you want to step into these places and exist in a different world.“

    So very true!

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