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I spent the Easter weekend at the sea. My friend had asked me for a photoshoot of her in her wedding dress.
Osterwochenende an Meer – die perfekte Gelegenheit, um ein paar schöne Fotos von einer Freundin in ihrem Hochzeitskleid zu machen, um die sie mich gebeten hatte.

So we settled down in the sand dunes and took some shots. The temperature was barely above zero, but the sun came out and we had lots of fun.
Obwohl die Temperatur nur ein paar Grad über Null betrug, suchten wir uns eine windstille Düne und als dann noch die Sonne herauskam, war die Kälte schnell vergessen.

A gorgeous model, a great day and a beautiful landscape…a combination that just can’t go wrong!
Ein tolles Motiv, ein sonniger Tag und eine atemberaubende Landschaft – was will man mehr!

5 Kommentare zu „wedding portraits | hochzeitsportraits

    1. Wow, that’s great Lauren, congratulations!! India must be amazing. Do you have family over there?
      You always could though, you know – fly me over 😉 Shooting a wedding in India would be a dream come true. Or do a stop in Germany for your honeymoon on the way back 🙂

      1. If only… I wonder how much tickets are from Germany… I am trying to finagle a stop in Italy on the way back though. We don’t have family there, it’s just somewhere we’ve both always wanted to go and Ben is connected to a temple there, so it will just be the two of us. Which is why I want pictures somehow! I’m wondering how I could go about finding a photographer in India. I have no idea.

  1. Lauren, probably more than you care to know 😀 . I’m sure it’s going to be beyond beautiful! Not that I’ve ever been to India yet. I have a friend whose family is from India (I actually was the photographer at his wedding last year in Italy!), I’ll ask him if he has any tipps for you on finding a photographer there!

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